Local Locksmith Services

Super G&R provides professional residential & commercial locksmith services in Calgary that are fast, reliable and affordable.

Locksmith Services

  • Pick 1 Lock Start From $79
  • Rekey lock Start From $19
  • Drilling Lock Start From $125

Automotive Services

  • US fob Start From $100-$150
  • US key-fob Start From $245
  • German Key Start From $165

Key Programming

  • US cars Start From $75
  • German Cars Start From $115
  • Korean Cars Start From $115

Calgary's Premier Locksmith Services

Super G&R is your go-to for premium residential locksmith services in the Calgary area, offering quick, reliable, and economical solutions. We understand the importance of feeling secure in your own home. With break-ins being a rare yet concerning threat, it’s crucial to err on the side of caution regarding your home’s security. Super G&R steps in to provide personalized securing solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your residence. Our team of experts is here to guide you to the most suitable security measures, ensuring peace of mind.

Our residential locksmith offerings include a wide array of services such as lock replacements, installations, repairs, key duplication, and emergency lockout assistance. We pride ourselves on our skilled locksmiths who are dedicated to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service, ensuring your security and satisfaction are our highest priorities. For those urgent situations, our emergency services are standing by, ready to assist when time is of the essence or when your security systems need immediate attention.

For a comprehensive, dependable, and budget-friendly residential locksmith solution in Calgary, look no further than Super G&R.

Locksmith Services
  • Rapid Reentry Support: Swift and secure re-entry solutions for your residence during lockouts.
  • Deadbolt Setup: Fortifying entrances with new deadbolt installations on doors, windows, and garage areas to boost security.
  • Cylinder Repair: Mending faulty or compromised cylinder mechanisms to ensure seamless operation.
  • Lock Upgrade: Substituting outdated or damaged locking systems with high-security cylinder models.
  • Key Cutting: Precision crafting of spare keys for household members or for backup purposes.

Locksmith Services
  • Rekeying Solutions: Modifying the core mechanism of locking systems to render old keys ineffective, offering an economical enhancement to your security.
  • Unified Key Systems: Engineering a singular key solution for multiple locking systems while preserving individual key access.
  • Enhanced Security Lock Fitting: Deploying cylinder locks with superior protection against tampering, drilling, and unauthorized bypassing.
  • Keyless Smart Lock Setup: Installing sophisticated locks that provide keyless entry through digital devices, keypads, or biometric recognition.
  • Damaged Key Retrieval: Expert & safe extraction of snapped keys from locks, ensuring the integrity of the locking mechanism remains intact.
24 Hour Automotive Locksmith Calgary

24 Hour Automotive Locksmith Calgary

Super G&R also specializes in automotive locksmith services, catering to drivers in Calgary, whether you’re on the road or parked at home. If you find yourself dealing with lost keys, locked-in situations, or malfunctioning locking mechanisms, Super G&R has got your back. Our vast experience spans various automobile makes, including high-end brands like Audi and Mercedes, with each service performed with meticulous care and precision to ensure your vehicle remains in impeccable condition.

Offering round-the-clock automotive locksmith services in Calgary, we ensure you’re never left in a bind. Our certified locksmiths are prompt and efficient, guaranteeing assistance within an hour, no matter the time or day.

For vehicle lockouts, duplicate keys, or key fob programming, Super G&R is just a phone call away. We promise top-tier automotive locksmith services in Calgary, characterized by reliability, promptness, and affordability.

Locksmith in Calgary
  • Lockout Solutions: Our team assists clients in regaining entry to their vehicles during lockouts, employing techniques like lock picking and other harm-free methods to ensure safe access.

  • Car Key Fabrication: We specialize in crafting new car keys when the original ones are misplaced, stolen, or damaged. Our services extend to both traditional and contemporary key types, including electronic keys and key fobs.

  • Key Copying: Our technicians provide key duplication services, offering clients additional keys for convenience or as backup.

  • Transponder Chip Synchronization: We program transponder chips in car keys to align with the vehicle’s anti-theft immobilizer system, essential for newer models.

  • Ignition System Maintenance: Our job includes repairing or replacing malfunctioning ignition switches, potentially involving cylinder rekeying or substitution.

Automotive Locksmith
  • Extracting Broken Keys: We skillfully remove keys that have broken off or gotten stuck in locks or ignitions, ensuring no damage to the locking mechanism.
  • Lock Servicing: Whether it’s due to damage, wear, or tampering, we repair or replace vehicle door locks to uphold security standards.

  • Advanced Security Key Production: Our locksmith company crafts keys for high-security vehicles, requiring advanced tools and expertise due to their intricate security features.

  • Keyless Entry Solutions: We install and mend keyless entry systems, enabling clients to unlock and start their vehicles without traditional keys.

  • Remote Fob Configuration: Our technicians program and reprogram remote control fobs for vehicles’ central locking systems, ensuring seamless operation.

Commercial Locksmith Calgary

Super G&R extends its expertise to include commercial locksmith services for businesses in Calgary, helping you keep your security systems up-to-date. Our team of certified commercial locksmiths in Calgary is well-versed in the installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial security systems for a variety of business settings.

We provide a range of security solutions, including the installation of master key systems that facilitate hierarchical access control, ensuring seamless operation while restricting access as necessary.

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, you can rely on our team for quick repairs and security enhancements to prevent future occurrences. Super G&R is committed to exceeding customer expectations, offering prompt, durable solutions and unparalleled customer service at every step.

For professional commercial locksmith services in Calgary, get in touch with Super G&R. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to address any questions or concerns about your security needs and arrange for a certified locksmith to assist you.

Commercial Locksmith
  • High-Security Lock Installation: Offering top-tier security solutions with advanced locking mechanisms and deadbolts designed for commercial properties, ensuring the safety of offices and valuables in Alberta and across Canada.
  • Master Key System Setup: Creating master key systems for businesses, allowing designated employees streamlined access to multiple areas while maintaining secure control over sensitive zones.
  • Electronic Access Control Systems: Implementing cutting-edge technology to control and monitor entry points, enhancing security and convenience for companies in various cities.
  • Safe Installation and Servicing: Providing a wide selection of safes and secure storage solutions for businesses to protect important documents and valuables, including sales and maintenance services.
  • Commercial Door Hardware and Installation: Supplying and installing high-quality door hardware, including panic bars, door closers, and commercial-grade cylinders, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of business environments.
Commercial Locksmith
  • Keyless Entry Systems for Offices: Offering keyless entry solutions to improve ease of access for employees and visitors while maintaining high security standards for office spaces.
  • CCTV and Security Camera Installation: Equipping businesses with the latest in video surveillance technology to deter theft, monitor activities, and enhance overall security.
  • Lock Repair and Replacement Services: Addressing issues with worn or damaged locks promptly, ensuring that businesses maintain a high level of security and functionality.
  • Custom Security Solutions Consulting: Providing expert advice and customized security strategies to meet the unique needs of each business, based on thorough reviews and assessments of property vulnerabilities.
  • Emergency Lockout and Access Services: Delivering fast and reliable assistance for businesses experiencing lockouts or other access issues, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining trust with clients.